The Buyer’s Agent

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The Buyer’s Agent  is the realtor that represents and works with the buyer to ensure that the property is sold at the fairest price possible.

Here Is What The Buyer’s Agent Does

Just as the Listing Agent works with the Home Owner to list the house, and make sure that the seller’s rights are protected, the Buyer’s Agent works for the buyer and helps to ensure that you only pay for and get what you are expecting.

The Buying Agent

A Buyer’s Agent represents you – the buyer

We know that your home may be the largest purchase you may make in your lifetime – and we want to make sure you get the most for your investment.

    • Initial meeting to discuss your real estate needs and to see if we are a good fit for each other
    • Help you determine the type of property that fits your needs…… style, location, schools and special features that you desire
    • Customize a search for your next home based on the criteria that is most important to you
    • Notify you when a new listing goes on the market that fits your criteria
    • Schedule showings and tour the properties with you until we find the right home for you
    • Explain the details of the Purchase Agreement and give you a copy for your review
    • Review the buyer expenses so there will not be any surprises at the time of closing

The Buyer’s Agent also is responsible for:

Helping You Find the Best Financing Options

As a buyer, you have many options on how to purchase your new home. We are experts at navigating the money and other aspects of buying. We can:

    • Discuss various financing options
    • Arrange an appointment with a mortgage representative if needed to pre-qualify and determine the amount of mortgage you can obtain
    • ​Help you arrange for any necessary inspections of the property. Review the inspection report with you
    • Prepare a custom Buyer Inspection Response based on our review of the inspectors findings
    • Assist in obtaining a homeowner’s insurance policy
    • Review and help you select a home warranty company if one is provided

And When It Is Time:

We can make sure that there are no last minute surprises!

We know that sometimes things happen that add stress to closing on a new home. We help make sure that our team is there to help you relieve some of that stress. We will:

    •  Schedule closing with the title company
    •  Coordinate possession details and final utility readings
    •  Review closing statement at minimum one day before closing
    •  Perform a final walk through of the home you are purchasing day before closing
    •  Attend closing and help coordinate smooth transition from seller to you
    •  Answer any questions that you have, when you have them.

James is one of the best men I know, both in character and competence. He works diligently and tirelessly for his clients. He has a true servants heart, and I love his mission to give back what he’s been blessed with to this community.

Ben B.
Executive Director, Local Avon Church

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