The Listing Agent

The Seller’s Agent


The Listing Agent (also known as the seller’s agent) is the realtor that lists the home and then works with the seller to ensure that the property sells at the highest price possible.

Here Is What The Listing/Seller’s Agent Does

The Listing Agent works with the Home Owner to list the house, and make sure that the seller’s rights are protected and that the home brings the maximum value when it is sold.

The Listing Agent

These are a few of the areas that a listing/seller’s agent can assist in:

It is not enough to just get the sign in the yard and onto the Multi-listing service. There are a number of items that homeowners often overlook. That is where the seller’s agent comes in. The Seller’s Agent will:

      • Evaluate your home by touring the property with you
      • Provide feedback to help you best prepare your home to be listed for sale
      • Perform a detailed market analysis to establish current market value
      • Once you are ready we will sign listing contract
      • Complete the listing by adding high quality photos and full property description
      • Enter the listing into the Brokers Listing Cooperative, making detailed information available to over 7,000 cooperating Realtors within central Indiana
      • Install the ”For Sale” sign on property

The Listing Agent also is responsible for:

Engaging Buyers and other Realtors to Visit and Tour Your Property

The home tours, showings and open houses are critical to ensuring that your home is seen in the best possible way. To assist in that we:

      • Place electronic lock box on the front door
      • Install information box with property flyer sheets
      • ​Mail ”Just Listed” flyers to neighborhood
      • Email potential buyers with details of listing
      • Hold an open house
      • Arrange showings for other agents
      • Contact you regularly with email progress reports

Your Home is the Star

We highlight your home on the web!


More homebuyers are shopping online and we want your home to be seen. So we use video, drone footage, social media and other means to show off your home!


      • Promote your home through social media
      • Review marketing activities with owner
      • Provide national exposure on nation wide websites (,,,, etc.)
      • Provide you with showing feedback to understand what buyers like & dislike
      • Review new listings, price reductions & sales to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace

Selling Your Home

We Work For and With You

While many homes sell quickly, that is not guaranteed. But, we will continue to work with you to get your home sold.


      • Complete marketing/price review every 30 days
      • Present and review all offers with you in a timely manner
      • Negotiate the offer with other agent representing your best interests at all times
      • Finalize the sales contract
      • Track the progress throughout the escrow period to be certain that all contingencies are completed as agreed (inspection, appraisal, etc.)
      • Communicate with the lender to ensure everything is on track for closing
      • Review closing document with you at minimum one day prior to the actual closing
      • Attend closing at the title company to ensure successful closing of the transaction

We can help with renovations to​ get your home sold

James Boyce
Broker / Owner